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End of the School Year

by Jacob P. | June 17th, 2011 | Helpful Hints, Teen Perspective, Teens

I think the end of the school year is a so-so part of the year. It isn’t the worst but it isn’t the best. The high point is that regular work is reduced and it is almost over, but honors work and other term work is due, as well as upcoming finals. Thus, the end of the year presents some conundrums for students. Fortunately, some advice can be offered for parents and students alike.

  • First, doing your homework. If you look at the semester, the homework seems to be at the heaviest from about 25% to 90% the way through the semester. In fact, it peaks at about 75% of the way through. And then, about 90-95% the way through the semester, it just kinda slows dramatically. You still have homework, but much less that you previously had. So, many students just don’t do their homework anymore. Mostly, they no longer care. So, you have to keep caring. Most of the kids who no longer care are the ones who may be depending on their grade, and giving up seals the lid on the chances you had.
  • Honors and other term papers. Everyone knows that semester long papers are really only even thought about in the second half of the semester. It is how the system works. So, the end of a term can be a project cram fest. That means that your options for handling the projects are slim. Basically, if you are a student, you need to hunker down and work. Nothing else, just work. At the same time, parents should be there to assist the students in working. That doesn’t mean the parents should be forcing the students to work constantly, but rather keeping distracted students on task. This means that you do what you can to make sure they are working. And if a student chooses to stay up until midnight working, that is their choice. If I am on a roll with an essay, I am not stopping, because I will get it done then and there.
  • Finals are a unique beast. All I can say is study, don’t cram. Studying is person by person, so generalized help won’t do anything. And I don’t study much anyway

The end of the year can put you in a pickle. So, just try to follow these tips and it should be all right.

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