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Don’t Rush Through Your Day

by Joe Lawrence | January 19th, 2016 | Preschool, Seasonal

preschooler doorwayTime management is one of those things that are a lot easier to say than do. We can plan out an entire day or week; however, it crumbles very early on in the execution phase. Children create this variable that works against the most thought out plan, and all the while they are using their secret energy-draining powers on the parent.

I read a long time ago that if we were to do all of the things recommended as parents, such as read for 30 minutes a day with the child, have a sit down family dinner, evoke creativity with a fun family project, etc., it would take more than 24 hours. AND there is not time built into that to cook the meal, buy the book, or to set up or clean up after the project. There is no way to be perfect as a parent.

What we can do is have an enjoyable life while preparing our children to be productive members of the real world. One of these areas where I think they would gain the most value is in managing the day-to-day issues that arise. For example, we get up, get ready for school/work, go to school, go to some type of after school, eat dinner, participate in a sport, get ready for bed, sleep and repeat. (My palms were stress-sweating just typing that last sentence.)

Almost always we are in rush mode to get from point A to B, and then there is traffic along the way and we look for shortcuts like fast food to give a few extra moments and rush, rush, rush to bed. The tensions are high all day, and we are teaching our children that it is more important to push through the day than it is to enjoy it.

I have been experimenting with tools I used while managing flight line maintenance in the world’s busiest cargo hub. We were constantly pushed to make the impossible happen. A mentor told me that no matter how stressed I was as the leader, I had to make sure I did not let the guys see this. Kind of a like a duck on the water. On the surface they seem so calm, but underwater those little legs are kicking like crazy.

It looks like this when put into practice with my little one. While she is nibbling at her breakfast with sloth-like speed, I challenge her to see who can finish eating, get dressed and have their teeth brushed before the clock turns a certain time. This is teaching her to read clocks, while moving things along for me, and a little competition. Another thing is the traffic we run into living in a busy city. It stresses me out, but instead I tell my daughter that God must want to give us some extra time together this morning, let’s make up a story together.

Find some other ways to look at life and teach your kids to enjoy their days.

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