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Celebrate Earth Day With Your Preschooler

by Joe Lawrence | April 14th, 2015 | Preschool, Seasonal

child planting (400x400)With our growing world population and increase in production, the earth is very much in danger. The emissions of all the vehicles and increase in trash production are obvious in the forms of smog and litter. Our children provide a spark of hope for our planet and its limited resources. This year on Earth Day, we can help reinforce this with them.

Preschoolers are learning about the importance of recycling and not wasting resources from school and even from TV. The other day I was watching a show on Disney Junior with my daughter and a commercial came on teaching her about turning off the water while brushing her teeth. This snippet discussed the importance of protecting the natural resources. Another commercial showed a little boy sitting outside waiting for it to rain so he could wash his family’s car without turning on the hose.

These images and examples stick in the head of young children. The same goes for recycling. We have spent time in children’s museums and other play areas that have mock recycle bins and the kids put the proper item in each bin. In fact, I was out with my daughter and had a soda that I finished drinking and was going to throw the bottle away in the trash. She asked me why I am not recycling. She even went on to say that just because there is no recycle bin nearby, I could take it home to recycle.

Another area that these children are excelling is in taking care of plants. Touring numerous elementary schools for the coming kindergarten year revealed that each grade school had a garden that was maintained by the students. Her preschool class always has some sort of planter going and the kids are excited to water and care for them.

This year for Earth Day, buy some seeds or plants to put in the ground with your child. Show them that you care about the environment too. Not to mention, this is the perfect excuse to get some free labor while making your home more beautiful.

One specific idea that is very easy to do is to plant some sunflower seeds. Simply get a pot, some potting soil, and a package of seeds. You can walk away with everything for under $20. The kids love to put the seeds in the soil and water it. It will even teach the child responsibility as they are tasked to water it each day and nothing beats her excitement when the seed sprouts!

This Earth Day do a fun project with your child that will reinforce what they are already learning in school and TV. Show them that mom and dad care about the planet too. Trust me, this one little gesture will stick with them for a very long time.

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