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3 Preschool Halloween Costume Considerations

by Marnie Bii | October 6th, 2015 | Preschool, Seasonal

child in costume (400x400)When it comes to Halloween with preschoolers, it is often best to just hope to keep everyone dressed in their cute costumes long enough to take a few memorable pictures. After all, kids in this age group often quickly grow bored with their newfound persona and begin removing the costume elements until a vague shadow of their character’s outfit remains. Thankfully, you can stretch the wear length of the costume by seeking outfits that ensure ease of mobility, provide constant comfort and allow kids to brave the elements without worry. Here’s more information about the three main things you must consider while shopping for a Halloween costume for your preschool aged children.

Mobility Protection

Complicated costume elements can make it difficult for young kids to move around freely without tripping or growing frustrated. Help your kid pick a costume that has integrated elements that do not restrict movement in any way. Also, make sure that your child can easily remove the costume for bathroom breaks and rest periods. Test fit the costume accessories, including masks, hats and hoods, to verify the elements do not affect vision, especially in low light conditions.

Comfortable Material

The best materials for preschoolers’ Halloween costumes are soft, stretchy and breathable. Therefore, whenever possible, you should seek out costumes made mostly from rayon materials. The stretchy rayon fabric easily pulls over the chosen underclothes to make the costume as comfortable as possible. If the costume requires a furry effect, pick one that utilizes stretch velvet. This type of velvet acts like rayon, but has a short fur-like texture.

Weather Preparedness

Buy the costume a size bigger than needed to allow for room underneath for warm clothing. Pick underclothes that will keep your kids from getting chilly while treat or treating, but will not scrunch or bind up uncomfortably. Thermal underwear tends to work well for this purpose. You may also need find a way to protect them from heavy rains without having to run alongside your kids with an umbrella. To do so, pick up a clear rain poncho that keeps the costume visible while protecting your kids from getting soaked by the rain.

Buying the Costume

Head out to the stores as early as possible to buy your preschooler’s Halloween costume. The options in smaller sizes tend to run out quickly as parents pick out the best ones for their kids. By arriving early, you will have time to find a costume with the right fabric and size combination you seek.

Make sure to try the costume on your preschooler and make length adjustments as needed. You may need to hem up the arms and legs to keep the material from dragging and impeding mobility.

Once you are happy with how the costume fits, find ways to integrate reflective materials into the design. Reflective tape, buttons and lights improve the safety of your child while you are all walking through the dark neighborhood on Halloween. You can also have everyone carry a flashlight that highlights your groups’ presence on the sidewalk or roadside.

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