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Your Snack Helper for Preschool Snacks

by T Akery | June 13th, 2013 | Preschool

girl shopping bakeryOne of the most exciting times of day for your preschooler is snack time. Your preschooler would love to get involved in helping prepare the snacks. They will be proud and excitedly tell all their friends. You can let them help in the process with these tips.

Let your preschooler pick out the snack. It is perfectly fine to have a list of easy to create food ideas to choose from. You can reinforce their alphabet skills if their snack happens to coincide with a “letter of the week”. This is the first great step in getting them involved.

Even if you have the ingredients on hand, you should take your preschooler out shopping for the ingredients. They should help pick out the fruits and vegetables. It is fine to guide them to picking the ripest fruits and away from the wrong ingredients.

Take some cash with you when shopping. Allow your preschooler to pay for the items that they picked out. This will just make the experience that much better for your preschooler. Your preschooler will love telling everyone that they paid for it.

While you should do all the cutting and knife work, they certainly can help with the spreading of toppings and the assembly. Don’t worry if it is not this perfectly presentable preschool snack. This makes it even more special for your preschooler. Please, don’t try to make it look like something that it is not.

Make sure to take a picture of the platter. It is certainly something that you will want to remember. This is one of those precious childhood moments that fly by way too quickly.

Finally, ask about recruiting your preschooler to help pass out the snack. This will round out their experience as they proudly pass out their creation. Your preschooler will be quite proud of their accomplishment.

Take the time to get your preschooler involved in snack time. While it might be more work, the experience your child gets from it will be priceless. You will in turn be very proud of your little snack helper.

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