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When Your Child Begins to Ask Difficult Questions

by Gumer Liston | March 10th, 2009 | Helpful Hints

?As my son grows older, he becomes smarter. I know that it is also the same case with other parents; they notice how quickly their children learn to see through things. The smarter children even learn early how to see through their parents.  As children become smarter, they become really good at asking questions. When your child begins to ask difficult questions, how do you answer? Honest questions coming from a four year old are not easy to handle, especially if you are not prepared to answer them.

How would you answer if your little boy suddenly asks you how babies come into being? This is a classic question that generation after generation of toddlers have asked parents. I know that generation after generation of parents probably have lied their way out of the difficult situation. I believe that lying is not a good way to handle honest questions.  Children have this innate way of seeing through their parents; they know when their parents are not giving them the honest answers. When a child see that his parents are nor telling him the truth, his curiousity will be fueled, and he will try to seek the answers somewhere else.

It is also not good to use euphemisms in explaining what are considered by many as “delicate” matters because it only will confuse the child.  Short and factual answers must be given to the child but do not elaborate, give only what the child asked for. It is also important to use the actual terminology of the body parts when it is necessary to mention them. When children see that nothing is wrong with those body parts, they will be more prepared to  learn  about the nature of sexuality when they are older.

Some parents show disapproval when asked by their children about sex. I think this is worse than lying about it because it shows sex in a dirty light, distorting the child’s  view of something that is natural. Parents should know that it is easier to answer “difficult” questions when one has a healthy attitude towards things like sexuality.

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