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What to Look for in Summer Camp for Kids

by Editorial Team | June 16th, 2015 | Elementary, Seasonal

pool slideChoosing a summer camp for your children to attend can be a tough decision to make, as your kids will spend a great deal of time there learning and interacting with their peers. There are usually several camps to choose from in your area, so visiting each one in person before conducting a comparison is always a good idea. A great summer camp can provide a place for children to build lifelong friendships and memories, while participating in a variety of fun and educational activities. However, not all summer camps are equal, and some will provide a better experience than others. With that said, let’s look at a few of the features you should be looking for when selecting an ideal summer camp for your kids.

1. Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff
First and foremost, since the summer camp staff will be in charge of supervising the children and facilitating group activities, having a lengthy conversation with key staff members is one of the most important things you can do when critiquing the quality of nearby summer camps. In addition to meeting with the director and lead staff members, it’s also a good idea to observe how the lower level employees and volunteers interact with the children. Take notes about your interaction with the camp staff. Are they understaffed? Were any of the staff members rude or neglectful in their dealing with the children? While the quality of the campground itself is certainly worth consideration, the personalities and skills of the people running the camp are even more important.

2. An Array of Fun and Healthy Activities
When meeting with the camp director or manager for the first time, don’t hesitate to inquire about the types of activities the children will be doing during the summer. Some camps only offer a few activities, leaving the children to socialize amongst themselves for the most part, while others have comprehensive activity schedules that keep the kids occupied throughout the duration of their stay. Look for a camp that places a strong emphasis on education, exercise, and social interaction. It’s also imperative to make sure the necessary safety equipment is provided with each activity. For example, if the camp allows horseback riding, make sure they have the necessary horse tack to keep the kids safe while riding. Fortunately, most camps use a One Stop Equine tack provider for such needs, but it would still be wise to ensure that their equipment isn’t used or of a poor quality.

3. Well Kept Grounds and Facilities
Finally, a great indicator of the quality of a children’s summer camp is the condition and layout of the grounds and facilities. Every summer camp should let you do a thorough walkthrough of the camp itself, as well as the cabins the children will be staying in. Of course, you don’t need anyone to tell you how to judge the quality of a living space or campground, but at least be sure to look for signs of uncleanliness, cramped or under furnished rooms, or obvious safety hazards near swimming and play areas.

In closing, every summer camp should score well in at least some of the areas above, but some will impress more than others. Thus, the only way to make sure your kids will be getting the best treatment and hospitality is to visit each camp yourself several times and meet with the majority of the staff while doing so.

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