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What to Do If You Hear an Intruder in Your Home

by Editorial Team | May 30th, 2019 | Pregnancy

Hearing an intruder in your home can be very frightening, especially if you live alone or are responsible for children. However, there are certain steps you can take to minimise the potential danger to yourself and others. Make sure you’re prepared by following these few simple steps but first of all, make sure you have taken all the precautions to deter them whenthey’re attempting to enter your home, for example smart home technology isn’t just good for Mood Lighting, it also allows you to activate security devices. 


It is a good idea to always have a hiding place in mind just in case you are ever faced with the challenge of handling an intruder. Ideally, it will be a room with a lock on the door and a window, as close to the ground floor as possible without requiring access via the route an intruder would take. The first thing you should do if you hear an intruder is grab your phone and any objects in reach which could be used as weapons, and silently make your way to your safe room. It is crucial that you remain silent so that the intruder thinks there is no one in the house, and therefore does not try to attack you. If you have family, make sure they are prepared beforehand for the potential procedure of gathering in the safe room, and alert them silently.

Call for Help 

You will need to call emergency services as soon as possible, and if you have an alarm that has been set off by the intruder it is likely that the alarm company will attempt to call you, so make sure your phone is on silent. Make sure you give the emergency services as much information as possible, for example you address, your position in the home, and where you think the intruder is. Stay on the line so they can update you on their whereabouts too. If the emergency services are still far away and you need immediate help, you could shout for help in the hope that neighbours and passers by hear and come to your aid.

If You’re Found

If you think the intruder knows your whereabouts and a confrontation is imminent, position yourself on the wall next to the door so that you can strike if needed. It is best to avoid confrontation and violence where possible, especially if you don’t think they aim to cause you bodily harm. Try to cooperate and communicate where possible, and it’s a good idea to place your hands on your shoulders as it appears to be a submissive position but really it enables you to defend yourself if needed. Have your escape route in mind in case you need to make a quick exit. If the intruder starts to approach you in a violent manner, make the most of any weapons you have and aim to immobilise them. Pepper spray is great for this, or use elbows, knees and thumbs to strike the face, knees and groin. 

If you hear an intruder in your home, you need to hide in a safe place, call emergency services, and prepare yourself for a potential confrontation. It is important to have an action plan in place, so you know exactly what to do. For more tips that could come in handy as a parent, take a look at

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