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Ways to Involve Your Family in Your Studies

by Editorial Team | January 5th, 2017 | Elementary

math workbookStudying while raising children and looking after a family can be incredibly difficult. But it is by no means impossible. There are many ways to make studying more manageable, as well as enjoyable. These include routine, organization and preparation. Getting your kids involved is another great way to help your studies. Not only do kids respond well to being included, you might actually find they can help you.

Children, even from a young age, are often capable of understanding more than we think they will. Explain what you are studying. Depending on their ages, and what you are studying, hold back some details, but give them enough information to make them feel involved. Explain what your course is about in terms they can understand, relate it to things they are familiar with. For example, if you are studying criminal justice, tell them about jobs in criminal justice using characters in their favorite TV shows or books as examples.

Play games related to your studies. If you are studying healthcare, buy or make them toy doctor sets and encourage them to role play with you. Read books and do crafts together too. These are fun and easy ways to make your studies a family affair instead of something that isolates you. Remember to get your partner involved too. Studying isn’t only stressful, it can also be rather lonely. Kids are a brilliant way to make things more fun, you might even find it’s easier to remember things if they make you smile.

Answer Their Questions
Don’t be afraid to answer any questions they might ask. They might want to know what the difference between criminal justice and criminology is, having seen things in films. Tell them, in as much detail as you think they can handle. They might want to know why you have chosen to study and what jobs it might lead to. They might even be worried that you’re going to be around much less, or jealous of you devoting time to something else. Be sure to alleviate their fears. Hopefully sharing, and having fun with them, will help them feel secure.

Involving your children will not only make things more fun, it will also make it easier for you to find time to study. Try and put a routine in place. If your children are of an age where they can do their homework without too much help, sit round a table or desk and both study at the same time. When it comes to exams, write them flash cards and get them to ask you questions. If they are younger, set them tasks, or games to play while you are studying.

Understanding is important to children of any age. They will respond much better to “mommy needs some study time”, if they understand what it is you are doing and why. If they feel part of it, just like anything else, they will be much more helpful. Just make sure to keep everything age appropriate, while remaining honest. If you are interested in studying online, see Portland State University for some options.

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