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Tweens Need to be Social

by Lori Sciame | June 12th, 2013 | Tweens

kids n waterTweens will now have plenty of time on their hands since school has ended for the year. How to fill the countless hours that they will be spending at home? That’s a question on many parents’ minds. If both parents work, then it is even trickier to figure out how to provide a tween with a productive (and fun) summer. Instead of relying on TV and video games to provide entertainment, parents need to keep a tween active and social for the next three months. Check out the following list of inexpensive (even free) options for keeping tweens social.

Library Reading Clubs

Local libraries sponsor summer reading clubs. Many times, they offer crafts, visiting authors, and marvelous entertainment. Coordinate with other parents as to rides and supervision at these library events for a group of tween friends. The best part is that these activities are usually free!

College for Kids

Local colleges and universities offer special summer learning events for tweens. At my local college there are classes on dinosaurs, Harry Potter, computers and more. The cost should not be prohibitive, as many offer scholarships. If a parent can coordinate rides, they don’t need to worry about supervision issues.

Boys and Girls Clubs

Tweens will love the local Boys and Girls Club. They usually offer sports, crafts, snacks, and day trips. There will be a fee involved, but it will be nominal, and knowing that a tween can learn and interact with others his or her own age is priceless.

Community Centers

In my hometown we have two community centers. These non-profits provide many interesting activities for local school children throughout the summer. Working parents can rest assured that these agencies, if grant funded, will supervise their children while providing the child with a great time. Community centers can be found in almost every city in the U.S.; check them out.

Park and Recreation

Local parks and rec departments offer summer activities for tweens at reduced prices. The following illustrates a few of the programs my hometown’s parks and rec department offers for tweens: swimming, golf, tennis, day camps, boating, crafts, and hiking. All a parent needs to do is find his or her city’s website, click on the parks and rec department tab, and begin researching what is offered. Again, these programs cost very little.

Religious Day Camps

For those families who practice religion, it is a great idea to keep a tween connected with a summer day camp with like minded children. For instance, my children participated in summer Bible school as tweens, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. They liked it so much at our own church, they went to Bible camps with friends at other churches. I am sure that other religions have summer events for tweens as well; check with your faith group to find out.

Keeping a tween social over the summer is important. Instead of relying on TV or the computer to entertain your child, keep him or her social by taking part in one or more of the activities listed above.

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