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Tween Revenge Web Posting

by T Akery | February 13th, 2013 | Tweens

girl in the computerThere are certain things parents should be aware of when it comes to the internet. One of those things has been rumbling around the internet. It concerns breakups and what lengths people will go to get revenge. They are called revenge websites. While they are supposed to be pictures of those who are of legal age, the truth is that these sites can also have pictures of your tween. All someone has to do is upload a picture and your tween is exposed to the world. Protecting your tween in such a situation is more a form of damage control than anything else. But you can help prevent this type of exposure by setting the rules concerning the camera on their cellphone.

As parents, you may to hold off on the camera option especially if your tween has shown a pattern of irresponsibility with the whole social network scene. The camera is asking for additional trouble. Don’t expect your tween to be able to handle the responsibility of the power of the camera if they can’t handle a basic conversation on Facebook.

Part of your parental responsibility is to check out what your tween is taking pictures of. There is a lot of social pressure for sex. There is also a lot of social pressure regarding requests for nude pictures. Your tween is certainly under this pressure especially if a girlfriend or boyfriend is in the picture. They maybe tempted to send something that will cause regret later on. The consequences of such a photo are mentally and socially devastating.

Take the time to have a discussion with your tween regarding the taking of such photos. Stress that these pictures will follow them. Talk about the social and mental consequences of having their peers find out about the photos. Talk about the implications of having people see this type of photos and what it says about them. If your message isn’t quite getting through, then have them talk to individuals that have suffered the embarrassment of having photos posted.

Stress to your tween that they can’t control the actions of others. They can’t predict the actions of their girlfriend or boyfriend after they break up with them. They don’t know what the other person will do in response to hurt feelings. They don’t know if that picture is going to get shared with everyone.

Another thing to stress is that it is almost impossible to take these pictures off the internet. There is no control over what people download and keep on their computers. There is no telling where the picture can get stored, saved, posted, or otherwise seen. Yes, your tween is underage and the law protects them to some extent. But it is impossible to erase something that is posted.

Revenge web posting is a problem that parents should be aware of. The sharing of information is almost second nature. But you have to be aware of the dangers that face your tweens with the pressures of social networking and peer pressure.

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