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Tween Advice on Having Productive Lazy Days

by Sam P. | January 9th, 2012 | Tweens

Doesn’t everybody love Sundays. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, and if you are smart, you already did your homework. But what happens when not having anything to do starts getting boring? You get fidgety and mom gets annoyed when you start literally picking at the paint on the wall. She then threatens to make you repaint the wall, so you keep picking because that would at least be something to do.

Well, those days are over. The number one thing I do when I get bored is call up a friend. Ask them if they want to hang out, or if they wanna go to the movies or the mall. If you are a guy you could see if they want to play a little game of football with some kids in the neighborhood.

If all your friends are busy, take a walk, get fresh air. Take your dog down to the park. Do something productive. About 30% of adolescents are obese. And almost two-thirds of Americans are overweight. (Information borrowed from http://www.betterhealthusa.com/public/227.cfm). This is a very unhealthy proportion. I believe a decent amount of this is because when children get bored they turn on the TV instead of going outside.

If you haven’t finished your homework you should obviously do that first, then take advantage of the day. Go outside and have fun. Get rid of some of that pent-up energy.

If it is rainy and gloomy out, have a friend over and go to the movies or do some arts and crafts. If the weather is bad and your friends are busy, have a day with the family. For girls, do some kind of spa day with your mom. For boys, do some kind of bonding thing with your dad. Watch a ballgame on TV with him. Do what guys like.

Whatever you do, make sure you have fun. Being productive means having fun and doing something good for yourself. If you are having fun, your body is likely to be having fun too. Oh, and eat healthy too. Just felt like I’d throw that in. Because that hasa lot to do with the large number of obese or overweight people in the United States.

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