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Tips on Taking Your Toddler to the Movies

by T Akery | March 6th, 2013 | Infants/Toddlers

film folderFrankly, going to the movies is not something that parents of infants and toddlers get to do very often or ever. There are quite a few challenges and some of them are impossible to overcome. There is no guarantee that you will succeed at watching the entire movie with your toddler. But if you decide to make the attempt because of a special offer or free summer movies, then you can try these tips to help you out.

With toddlers, you want to pick early times. The early matinees are best for young children. Not only are there not as many people to disturb, you also get a discount on the price. Early times fit in better with your toddler’s schedule so that they are typically in a better mood, not as tired, and not as prone to throwing fits.

Stay away from the candy and the sugary drinks including the lemonade. Sugar may distract them for a few minutes but it also pumps them full of energy. Thus, they will want to get up and play rather than watch. Pick water for them if they have to have something.

If at all possible, you should try to get a row or a couple of empty rows to sit in. It is easy for your toddler to get distracted if they have friends around them. They will want to talk to their friends which adds to the distraction.

Sit on the aisle. Let your toddler sit on the inside. This gives you a couple of advantages. It gives you a quick exit in case of a diaper change, temper tantrum or other such loud emergency. It stops your toddler from running up and down the aisle as easily. If they do manage to slip between the seats, it also makes it easier to catch them.

Give yourself time for a bathroom run before the movie. Make sure that they have a fresh diaper or have used the potty beforehand. Try not to give them so much water during the movie so they  don’t constantly have to go to the bathroom.

Bring smaller quiet toys with you for them to play with in case they get bored. Avoid light up stuff, games, your phone, and other noisemakers.

These are just a few tips that might help your toddler settle down for a few minutes. There will be times that it will be impossible for your toddler to sit there and simply watch a movie. So, be flexible enough to leave if you need to.

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