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Tips in Parenting a Shy Child

by Rosanne Lorraine | August 19th, 2008 | Helpful Hints

Shyness may seem endearing at times, but it also presents a lot of drawbacks for a person. Most people are shy when they are kids, but they learn to outgrow this shyness through exposure and social interaction. However, there are kids who carry their shyness through adulthood. Their lives will contain sequences of missed opportunities because they become too shy to go after what they want. Anything you do to ease your kid’s shyness right now can help him have a better future. So, how can you help your kid get over his shyness? Here are some helpful hints:

Identify the source of your kid’s shyness. Is your kid shy around unfamiliar people? With groups? During parties? Knowing the cause of shyness is the first step to resolving it.

Teach social skills. Giving kids the opportunity to interact with other kids their age will help them develop communication skills outside of home. Early on, you can arrange playdates where your kid can have fun while learning at the same time.

Become their role model. Children learn a lot by observing people around them. They try to mimic their parents’ behavior because they consider their mother or father the example they should follow. When you are with your kid, practice being friendly around other people and be more open to social interaction.

Emphasize creativity. Letting your kid know that there is more than a single way to success will help him think creatively. Provide him with positive or negative feedback when necessary. This will develop his self-esteem so he will be able to deal with disappointments and setbacks later on.

Provide a step by step guide to change. Help your kid overcome her shyness by breaking down the seemingly monumental task into smaller steps. Every success she achieves aids in the process of developing her self-confidence.

  1. Gilang says:

    As the kids get older they also become more inennepddet with after school activities, scouting, sports, etc So it’s even more crucial to set aside time with them, whether it’s one on one or as a group/family. Not having them around as much is a relief for at-home moms because she gets her life back; for working dads it’s even less time with them. It’s a struggle every day, week and month to try and balance it out.

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