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The Wonders of Your Local Library from a Teen’s Perspective

by Sam P. | May 26th, 2011 | Teen Perspective, Teens

Some people may think that your local library is worthless, but it isn’t. There are so many amazing things in libraries!

Town libraries typically have most of the newest books that you’re looking for. They have audiobooks, books, cds, magazines, movies, and newspapers.

The staff at libraries are very helpful because they can suggest new book series, ones you may not have thought of and will end up loving.

Personally, I love libraries, especially because they have all of their books in groups. They have an adult section, teen section, and children’s section. I find all of the books that I read in the teen section of my library. The teen section in libraries has everything from action-packed bloodbaths to romantic love stories to scifi novels to mysteries.

The library in my town has a worker that is in her twenties and she has suggested the best books for me, and when I go to my library I always ask if she is there because she and I have the same taste in books.

One of my favorite series is the Maximum Ride series because it has the perfect mix between mushy romance and edge of your seat thrill and blood pumping action. There are quite a few books in the series and I would definitely recommend it. There is also the Winnie Series. In this series you watch Winnie grow up from11 to 14. It’s packed with teen drama, romance and the never ending troubles of growing up. You can’t forget the Harry Potter series which I have read at least ten times. One of my other favorites is the Twilight series which is filled with vampires, action, and romance. I also love the Uglies series. This is a series about a whole different world where on your sixteenth birthday you get transformed into a pretty.

All of these you can find at your local library. Those are just a few examples of how amazing your local library is.

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