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Teens and the Lunch Table

by Jennifer S. Rowe | December 5th, 2014 | Social, Teens

school lunch room (400x400)As far as teenagers go, I find the best place to do my research is my own home. I do, in fact, have a teenager living in my midst, and yes, if I want to know anything about teen social issues, my teen son is the go-to guy. The drama de jour seems to be too many boys at lunch, and not enough room at the table. There is also the problem of some clashing personalities as well as the all-important trading of lunch items that is a must every day, and apparently, my lunches seem to be very popular when it comes to getting the most wanted cheeseburger. I should also point out that my son in particular, has a very big heart and doesn’t want anyone to feel left out. So what to do? As a mother, when my son asks me for advice, I really want to hit it out of the ball park every time, and in this instance I hope that I advised him well.

One of the many things that I share with my teenage son is I, too, want to help and make sure that no one gets slighted and that no feelings will be hurt. So what advice did I give my son? I told him that everyone should make as much room at the table as possible to seat as many as possible, and if that does not work, they should take an equal group of teens to another close table so that they can still all be together. However, this situation is handled, I am sure someone will not like it and complain. This too can become a life lesson to share with your teen, as to not become a people pleaser.

You can only do so much to solve a problem and ultimately, there will be disillusionment from someone, and because I know my son, this will bother him because he cannot completely solve this issue. Being a parent is never easy, especially when you know that your teen is struggling with so much at this time in his or her life and there is nothing you can do except be there for them and give advice with the hope that they will succeed, and if not, be there to help them through whatever pain has ensued.

I am sure there will be many more discussions with my son concerning a plethora of issues and it is sincerely my hope that I can help guide him through the piranha infested waters of being a teenager. Happy navigating to all of you parents of teens, and remember, this too shall pass.


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