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The Key to Finals: From a Teen’s Perspective

by Sam P. | May 30th, 2014 | Teen Perspective, Teens

person-217173_640Finals always appear to be a daunting task, and to many of us they are.   But believe me, they are not as frightening as they appear.    The key to success with finals is studying your way through the semester.  All teachers give tests on each chapter or section that you learn, and if you study for those as you learn the information you should be set for your finals.  One night of cramming isn’t going to help you.  If you haven’t learned anything from the whole semester you’ve been in class you’re in tough luck.  As much as you may remember from your night-before cramming session, you would have done better if you’d just read over your notes as you took them throughout the year or semester.

One great way to study for tests and finals is just by reading through your notes as you get them.  Designate one or two classes to each day of the week and read over the new information you have learned that week.  After you do that read over everything you have learned in this section.  That way by the time the test or final comes you’ll know everything fairly well.  This is an easy studying concept because it doesn’t take much time, it just requires a schedule you actually follow.

Another great way to study is with online study sites like  This only works though if your teacher has an account set up that you can access.  If your teacher has one and posts to it regularly you can use it to study.  They can put in vocab, verb tenses, trivia, matching, anything to help you learn the materials.  If your teachers do have accounts, use them the same way you would notes.  Designate a few classes to each night and use the sites weekly.  You’ll be golden for your tests and quizzes.

Lastly you can make flashcards.  Make sure you take good notes in class and then copy them into flashcards that you can use each night to memorize the material.  Just writing down the flashcards will help you learn.   Most of America’s population learns/remembers best by just writing things down.

As long as you are studying everything through out the semester you shouldn’t have to worry about finals.  And by study I mean actually learning the information.  Don’t just memorize the chapter for the test and forget all of it the day after.  That kind of “learning” won’t help you in the long run.

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