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The Importance of Saying Thank You

by Tania Cowling | January 28th, 2015 | Elementary, Social

child painting (400x400)There are many reasons and times when giving a formal “thank you” is appropriate, whether it’s the holidays, birthdays, or any other reason where a gift is exchanged. Giving a “thank you” is an important part of etiquette that is sometimes forgotten. From the time I was a child, my mother always encouraged (and insisted) that I write thank you notes for gifts. A simple verbal gesture was not enough in her eyes; a handwritten note was in order to show my gratitude. I carried on this tradition with my kids (even though they sometimes balked at the thought). Getting creative with homemade stationary or ways to express appreciation is the way to go. The process can be fun for kids. Here are a few ideas to try:

The Thank You Note

Gather up paper and matching envelopes. Now, encourage the kids to search through collage materials for decorations to make their notes special. Suggest they look for stickers, lace, small buttons, trims, sequins, fabric, wallpaper swatches and so on. Begin by folding the paper in half and printing a cute message on the inside. Younger children can draw pictures, especially of the person they are thanking (which are worth a thousand words, so to speak). Then challenge the kids to decorate the outside cover with drawings and glued-on trinkets. When dry, put the notes in the envelope; mail or deliver these in person.

Make Your Own Stationary

Challenge your child’s creativity to make their own notepapers by sponge painting watercolors on white paper. When dry, they can write their thank you message on designer stationary. They can even add a trademark at the bottom of the page – designed by (add the child’s name).

A neat way to create your own design is to etch a picture or insignia into a Styrofoam meat or produce tray from the supermarket with a stylus or broken point of a pencil. Use a brayer (available in art or craft supply stores) to spread printer’s ink or paint on the tray. Have the kids press paper onto each tray, smooth carefully with their hands and peel the print up. This technique allows children to make many cards of the same design. You can even wash the trays and change the color if you wish.

Other Ways To Say Thank You

How about recording a mini-cassette or burn an original CD? Let the children make a fun recording of their thank you to send to a loved one. Add music, jokes, imitations and such. Grandparents especially love this idea.

Bake some cookies and place these into a container with a note saying, “Thanks to the nicest cookie I know!”

Help the kids make award certificates for the special people they wish to thank. These are fun to design and decorate. Most computers have software programs that make certificates utilizing your child’s technology skills.

Make candy cups (a small container filled with goodies) and give these to the person you are thanking with a note saying, “You’re so sweet!”

Do you have more creative ideas to share? Please leave us a comment below.

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