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The Cost of Raising a Child

by Ronald A. Rowe | July 7th, 2011 | Elementary

The US Government – who you can trust implicitly, just ask them – has pegged the cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 at a whopping $286,860 (adjusted for inflation). For a two-child family, that works out to a cool $573,720 (though you can probably knock a bit off that figure for the hand-me-down clothes). That number sends shivers of what could have been through the minds of many parents – the mortgage paid off, two new cars in the driveway, exotic vacations every year, maybe a summer home by the beach.

That’s a mighty big number over the course of a childhood. Break it down, though, and it is just under $16,000 a year. That’s a little more than $300 a week. If you think that still sounds high, how about $43.78 a day? Who wouldn’t give $1.82 for an hour of the joys of parenting? For the cost of just three cents a minute, we get to be the biggest influence in a young life.

Considering what you get for your investment, I think a little more than half a million dollars for a couple of kids is a real bargain. Among other things, you get:
– Exclusive naming rights.
– A legacy that lives on long after you’re gone.
– The opportunity to give away the bride (available only on Girl models).
– To play the role of teacher, doctor, adviser, coach, counselor, and leader.
– A whole new perspective on playground fights, homework angst, and first love.
– Considered to be the greatest and wisest person in the whole world (offer expires at age 13).
– Grandchildren (Please allow 24-30 years for delivery).
– Nightly hugs and kisses that melt your heart.

That’s a whole lot of good stuff for your money. 10 years into the parenting adventure, I’d say it’s worth every penny.

  1. Michele says:

    I agree 100%. The love of a child has infinite value.

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