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The Child’s View on Parenting

by Ronald A. Rowe | September 17th, 2009 | Elementary

Parenting is the greatest job in the world, no doubt about it. As we the parents blog and talk and debate about parenting, what do the kids think? Isn’t a vital part of parenting listening and responding to our children? Or is that just my cheesy rationale for letting my son write half of this article?

Anyway – My son Max recently decided that he wants to be a writer like his dear ol’ dad. This is, of course, in addition to being a meteorologist (quite unlike his dear ol’ dad), which has been his lifelong goal since about a year ago. Max has written his first article in order to shine a little light on the 8 year old’s take on parenting, presented below with minor editorial notes from Max’s dad.

Parents are great i love parents because they love me. [Dad’s note: Awwwww.]
They watch me play with me help me read with me do math with me and feed me watch movies with me play video games with me protect me when I’m scared. [Dad’s note: Yep, we do all that.]
My dad always plays pokemon cards with me. [Dad’s note: I do, see here.]
My mom paints with me alot. [Dad’s note: Better her than me. She’s the artistic one in the family.]
They also swim with me alot. [Dad’s note: News to me. I thought we hardly ever went swimming.]
The help me right stories. [Dad’s note: If the boy’s going to be a writer, I guess I should teach him to spell write right. Or maybe I’ll just get him a really good editor.]
Sometimes my mom takes my socks off and blows on my feet. [Dad’s note: Um, that’s not as weird as it sounds. Really.]
Parents are great. [Dad’s note: Yeah, we rock.]

I hope this article has given you helpful insight into how your kids can be used for getting out of doing your own work…ahem… that is, insight into how children view parenting. Yeah.

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