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The Argument Against Homeschooling

by Ronald A. Rowe | March 1st, 2013 | Elementary

family readingAnyone interested in homeschooling will find dozens, probably hundreds, of easily accessible sites touting the merits of teaching your own children at home.  In many religious circles, homeschooling is viewed as the “right” choice while public schools are a cop out for parents who are allowing someone else to raise their children.  But what about the other side of the equation?  Here are some counterpoints for parents to consider when debating public schooling vs. home schooling.

First off, only a small minority of parents today are in a financial position to make homeschooling possible.  Sixty-one percent of families in America are double income families.  While some choose that option, the overwhelming majority do so out of necessity.  If both mom and dad have to work full time jobs you should not feel any shame or inadequacy over sending your child to the public schools that are being paid for with your tax dollars.

A second factor to consider is you level of education and temperament.  Not every stay-at-home mom is equipped to provide a top notch education in Physics, World History, and Analytic Geometry.  Yes, online programs and standardized homeschooling curricula will help, but they cannot do the work for you.  Be realistic about both your ability and inclination to teach.

If you are feeling a sense of guilt over sending your child to public school because you have been repeatedly told that homeschooling is the Christian thing to do, take out your Bible and read Matthew 5: 14-16.  While it is debatable whether or not the education system in the U.S. is fixable, one thing is certain — if all the Christian parents pull their children out of the school system it will truly become the unadulterated hive of secularism that homeschooling advocates believe it to be.

To be clear, I am not opposed to homeschooling as an option.  There are children and circumstances for which it is the right call.  I am only opposed to the increasingly loud cries that it is the ONLY option.  Homeschooling is not a be-all end-all solution for every individual child.  Don’t let another parent tell you what is best for your child’s unique situation.  Guilt and peer pressure shouldn’t be a determining factor in your decision.  Do what is best for your family.

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