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Teen’s Perspective on Summer Work

by Sam P. | June 28th, 2021 | School, Teens

teen doing homework (400x400)My personal opinion on summer work is that we shouldn’t have it, but alas, we do.  I think that it is unfair for teachers to give us work to do over the summer while they don’t do anything, but we do, so there isn’t much you can do besides do the work.  I also think that teachers should get things graded faster because the excuse that they have (other classes and assignments to grade) is unfair because we have other classes and assignments to do, yet students get their work in on time, but that is aside from the point.

The trick to summer work is starting it as soon as you possibly can.  Like the day you get it, you should be starting.  Of course, this isn’t possible because every student procrastinates, but in the ideal world you start ASAP. The best thing you can do for summer work is to create a schedule, but you actually have to stick to it.  At least once a week, if not twice, work on your summer work for a few hours.  No phone or laptop or any other distractions.  If you can work with friends that have the same summer work as you, you can help each other through problems you don’t know and encourage each other to keep working.

One of the best study groups I ever had was with a few smart friends in the same classes as me.  We went to Starbucks to study and put all of your phones face down in a stack on the table.  The person who stopped working and grabbed their phone first had to pay for the drinks.

Another great tip is to do the math.  If you have five books you need to read for English and summer is ten weeks long, and that means averaging one book every two weeks.  This means starting reading as soon as summer starts.  No waiting for August to come around and trying to do all of the working two weeks.  You can do this for anything really.  Fifty question math packet?  Try to average five to ten questions a week depending on how long your summer is, and try to leave at least one or two weeks at the end of summer, which you don’t have any actual work to do except go back through everything and double check your work.

Believe me, summer work can be a daunting task, but if you stick to a strict schedule it will not be anywhere near as hard as it seems.

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