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Teen’s Perspective on Summer Romances

by Sam P. | August 14th, 2012 | Teen Perspective, Teens

What teenage girl or boy doesn’t want to experience their first summer romance? Specifically girls, but either way, I don’t think there is a single teenager that doesn’t want to experience love. And when you are going into high school, it is the perfect time to test out your romance. Whether he is your first love, cut short, or she is your summer sweetheart, stretched out through high school off and on, everybody loves a good romance. That’s not to say that every single guy in the world wants to have some sappy romance movie summer. But guys have feelings too, and they want to have love as well.

There are numerous ways to share each other’s love, and I will list the pros and cons of each.

  1. Walk through the park. I think this is a fabulous, and cheap, way to spend time together. If you wanted to make it last longer, you could pack a picnic and a blanket for a dinner under the sunset.
  2. Go to the movies. The worst time to go to the movies together is on a first date, you are at the movies! You can not talk at ALL! Though they are great if you have been dating for a few weeks and just want to be together, but they do cost money.
  3. Go to the mall. A great place to walk around and talk, plus cheap food. But unfortunately there is only so much you can do at the mall, and if you need to buy something it becomes difficult because chances are you do not shop at the same stores.
  4. Go over one of your houses. Great time to meet the family! Plus you can pop in a movie and order a pizza. Granted you are teenagers, so the parents have to be home.
  5. Go to a school sporting event. It is the perfect time to root on your friends, and cuddle in the chilly nighttime breeze.
  6. Go to a local Mini Golf course and play a couple rounds. It’s cheap, plus there is tons of down time to spend conversing.
  7. Spend the day at a theme park. Granted this is relatively expensive, especially for a couple of teenagers.
  8. Spend a day in the downtown of your city. Stop at a little joint for coffee or ice cream. Plus a decent amount of times there will be a free concert.
  9. Go to the beach. With the perfect amount of parental supervision, you and your sweetheart can waste away hours splashing in the waves.

I should think nine suggestions should be sufficient. And with my helpful comments, you and your baby can decide which are the ones for you to do together.

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