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Teen’s Perspective on School Dress Code

by Sam P. | April 10th, 2013 | Teen Perspective, Teens

hs studentsFor those of you that go to a private school where a uniform is required, you do not have to worry over this debacle. I am sure you all think we are so lucky since we are allowed to express ourselves through our clothing, but personally I would rather have a uniform than not. You probably think I am crazy for saying this, but it would make getting ready so much easier. Plus, you wouldn’t have to deal with making sure your outfit follows the dress code.

At public schools the dress code is usually a difficult topic. Especially now that girls wear yoga pants. At the beginning of the year our school district tried to ban yoga pants and “tube skirts”. That didn’t go over well. There was pretty much an uproar from nearly all of the high school, girls and boys. Luckily, they have ended up not enforcing this law of the dress code. Many students, and faculty members, found it humorous that boys were almost more upset when yoga pants were first outlawed. It makes sense too; yoga pants are tight around the behind and smooth out any imperfections. Guys get excited over this. That is why they wanted them at school. Girls tried a different approach, saying that we only wore them to be comfy, not so guys would look at us. When we wore them they were usually accompanied with a baggy sweatshirt, hair up, and no makeup. A look that screams “don’t look at me”. I don’t know if it was the girls’ argument, or the sheer fact that it would be too difficult to keep girls from wearing these, but they are no longer banned.

Skirt and short length is also difficult. It is very hard for girls to find skirts and shorts that are less than five inches above the knee. Same with strap thickness. Requiring straps to be at least two fingers in thickness, without bra straps showing, kills so many cute tops. Men are lucky. Nothing they wear battles with this.

That’s another thing that frustrates me. The fact that boys can walk around with their pants down below their butt, but girls can’t wear tops that have straps thinner than two fingers? To me that’s not right.

Either way, enforcing a uniform would make all of this so much easier. A uniform would cancel out all needs of a detailed dress code. Plus that would cancel out any bullying about where someone’s clothes are from, or what they wear since everyone would be wearing the same thing.

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