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Teen’s Perspective on Reading

by Sam P. | March 20th, 2015 | Teen Perspective, Teens

teen girl reading (400x400)I love reading.  Honestly, I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t enjoy reading.  My favorite thing about reading is that you can choose the minute details.  You get to picture exactly how everything looks and what each scene looks like.  It is like your own personal movie that everyone sees differently.  Not only is reading great because it is personalized to your imagination specifically, but it broadens your horizons.  Reading creates a more eloquent vocabulary and opens your mind to new worlds.

As a parent you should always encourage your child to read.  It stimulates brain activity and there have been tests proving that children who read more often than not do better in school and test better than those who don’t.  Reading also helps your child with things like spelling and speech.  Try to read at least one short book, or a chapter of a long book, per day.  If your child can read on their own switch back and forth between reading aloud to each other.  If your child cannot read, read to them but encourage them to try to read along.  If your child struggles with reading have them read aloud ot you and help them with words they don’t know.  When in doubt, sound it out.  I can remember reading with my mom at night for the longest time.  From Harry Potter, to Through the Looking Glass, to short stories and fables, my mom and I always read in my room before bed.

As a teen for some reason reading becomes unpopular.  When you think back to your childhood everyone always loved reading, but as you grew up it became this horribly dreaded thing for some reason.  With how digital things have become nowadays, it is somewhat understandable that people prefer to go on Twitter than read a book.  If this is the only thing holding you back from reading your heart out then there is no issue.  There are many apps out there for you readers.  From the Kindle app, to Wattpad there are thousands of ways to read on your phone.  I personally enjoy Wattpad because it is filled with books I 100 percent promise you have never heard of before.  Wattpad is an app for new and amateur writers to post to and get their footing as they try to break through into the world of authors.  All of the books on there are written by novice writers, so the grammar and spelling aren’t always the best, but there are tons of great books.

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