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Teen’s Perspective on Online Safety

by Sam P. | October 24th, 2013 | Safety, Teen Perspective, Teens

atAs a teen, having social media accounts is kind of your life.  It is how you connect with all your school friends and stay up to date on the latest news.

On a site like Facebook, you don’t actually have to be quite as paranoid with what you can and can’t put up.  This is because you can set your account as visible to friends only.  I suggest this setting to everyone as it is much safer.  Now I am not going to tell you to use a fake name, how will people know it is you? But be very careful with what you say.  At all times try to avoid swearing online, because once something is up there it can’t be taken down. Well it can, but it can still be found.  I say this because when you go to apply for a job many places will check your Facebook and may be wary to hire you if they see you have the mouth of a trucker.  Also, try to avoid putting your phone number or address up.  If you are absolutely sure you are only friends with people you know, it is OK to put it up.  But be sure to put your settings as only visible to friends.

As for Instagram, put your account as private.  And try not to put up much personal information.  If your account is private then you can be a little less cautious, but still keep in mind that there are creeps out there.

For Tumblr and Twitter, never put that sort of stuff up there (address, phone number, etc.) . There is no private setting on these sites, making it incredibly easy for the people your mother has always warned you about to find out everything about you.  Sure you can put your name up, but try not to do more than that and maybe your age.  As for “selfies”, try not to post too many.  Of course you need one for your profile picture, but try to make it one that isn’t up close and personal with your face.  On my Tumblr, I have never posted a picture of myself that you could see my face in.  There are only two photos of myself up and they are more art than anything else.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t use social media, I’m just saying be safe and be very cautious of what you put up because you never know who can, and will, see it.

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