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Teen’s Perspective on License Privileges

by Sam P. | May 2nd, 2014 | Behavior, Teen Perspective, Teens

file1471245784726For those of you around my age, you should be getting your license soon, or perhaps you already have it.  At least in New Hampshire, the new driver law says that for the first six months that you have a license you can only drive around one non-family member at a time.  I don’t know about other states, but I believe other states have similar rules.  After six months, it is all up to your parents what you can do.   The amount of freedom you have is solely dependent on your behavior.

I actually have an appointment at the DMV to go for my license tomorrow, and my mom has already talked to me about how much free range I will have.  For now, while I am still new to driving without an adult, I can’t really just drive around as I please.  I can only drive around really in our town, and preferably not with anyone.  I think that is a good rule because it keeps your child safe until they are used to driving without an adult who can guide them if necessary.  Once she feels I am ready, I will have more and more free range.

If you aren’t the most responsible child, or don’t behave well, your parents may not let you drive around at all really.  A friend of mine couldn’t drive anyone, not even family except for adults, around for the whole entire first year of having a license.  The same may happen to you if you aren’t responsible and don’t behave well.  Just because you have a license doesn’t mean you have free rein.  Your parents have just as much of a right to take your license away as you do to get a license.  Remember, getting a license is a privilege, not a right.

If you have good behavior and are respectful to all, not to mention responsible, you should have driving freedom in no time at all.  Just prove to your parents that you deserve to be allowed to drive where you like and when you like, within reason of course, and you should be given more freedom quickly.  This will also depend on past behavior as well.  If you’re constantly going around lying and ignoring your parents’ wishes then you may not be as lucky in the license freedom area.  I’m not saying you have to wait on your hands and knees for their every wish, but be respectful and do what they ask you to.  Don’t complain when they ask you to do a chore, and above all things just be a good kid.  That is a broad spectrum, but in general just don’t drink or do illegal substances. (Hmmm … I wonder why they’re called that, maybe because they’re illegal?)  Be the child you wish to have when you grow up, a responsible kid that doesn’t talk back and respects you.

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