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Teen’s Perspective on Family Vacations

by Sam P. | August 14th, 2013 | Teen Perspective, Teens

tour bus mirna senticFamily vacations. Two words that can send shivers of horror through most older adolescents’ bodies. Terrifying memories of being forced to smile while standing next to the clearly fake and quite creepy mouse for the fifth year in a row flash back in a whirlwind of fear and boredom. Then the worst part, having to sleep in the same bed as their siblings.

Let’s face it, most teens hate family vacations.That’s why they spend the whole time texting or on social media apps. I mean most kids don’t want to spend their time wandering through a history museum with their whole entire family in tow.

There is a trick to family vacations though.Quite a few in fact. And with them I will help you plan the perfect family vacation.

  • Ask your kids where they want to go. Give them any restrictions before hand and then let them decide the destination.
  • If your kids can’t decide on a place have all of them write down where they want to go and pick one out of a hat. And just because you picked that place you picked, doesn’t mean you are going there. A lot of times in that split second before you pull your hand out they are all able to decide on a destination so they can still say they picked where to go. If that doesn’t work, have them all present the benefits, or reasons, why they want to go there. Hopefully by doing this they will all decide on one spot.
  • Make sure you account for all the ages partaking in this trip.A 15-year-old and a five-year-old aren’t going to want to do the same thing.
  • Whenever possibly try to fly.I know it is more expensive, but car rides longer than five hours are just downright unbearable. And even five hours is starting to push it. If you want a really comfortable way to travel to your vacation, try something special like flying in your fractional ownership jet.
  • When deciding on things to do on vacation pick very fun, hands on, interactive things to do. Swimming or almost anything in water, tailgating, ziplining (unless afraid of heights), water parks, adventure parks, etc. are practically foolproof.
  • And at the very last resort cruises are just about perfect for any and all teens. The one downside is the price. So if you can afford it these tend to work well and are quite satisfying. They allow for teens to go have fun on their own, but still be spending time with their family.

Hopefully I have made family vacations just a bit better for you and your kids. Good luck!

(Photo: Mirna Sentic)

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