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Teen’s Perspective on Back to School Behavior

by Sam P. | September 11th, 2023 | School, Teens

teen with school in background (400x400)School is here, but no one wants to go.  It seems to be this way every year.  Of course, I am eager to go back; I start my senior year, but I am also dreading it.  The thought of being a senior is exhilarating, but also terrifying.  I feel as though I am not ready to apply to colleges, decide what I want to major in, or choose where I want to live for the next four years of my life.  I do know one thing though, you need a positive attitude this time of year.

So many kids dread going back to school, and I get it, no one wants to leave summer and start doing homework, but it is just how life works.  The whole process will be far easier, however, if you look at it in a better light.  Yes, you have to go back to school, but you also get to see all of your friends again!  And yes, you have to wake up early, but maybe you’ll see the sunrise on your way to school.  There are all sorts of positive spins you can put on things.

If you are starting your freshman year, that is exciting enough.  The allure of being in high school, making new friends, and possibly being able to drive soon.  High school may seem scary at first, but I promise it is nothing like the movies make it seem.  It may seem like everyone hates you, and some people may, but remember that not everyone does.  Most seniors are just jealous that you get to go through high school; they want to again.

If you’re a sophomore, you are no longer a freshman.  This means no occasional hazing, if that even happened at your school.  You also get to start driving!  Drivers Ed may seem terrifying and you may think there’s no way on earth that you pass your drivers test, but I promise you that you will.  Go in with confidence, but remember what you learned, and you should pass with flying colors.

If you’re going to be a junior, well it is the year of standardized testing.  ACTs and SATs may seem like the death of you now, but I promise they aren’t as hard as they seem.  A bit of studying and some coffee and you will ace all your tests.  Consider an ACT or SAT prep course to help you get ready for the test. On the plus side you are over halfway through the school, and you’re almost a senior.

If you are going to be a senior that should be exciting enough.  You’re finally at the top and soon enough you will be walking through graduation and onto a new college campus.

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