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Summer Shopping Sprees: Friend or Foe?

by Sam P. | July 18th, 2012 | Teen Perspective, Teens

Before I even start debating against myself, I will say that this article is most certainly aimed towards the majority of female adolescents.

Almost every teenage girl loves to shop. And specifically with her friends, and no adults. And why not? You get new clothes, new shoes, new makeup, and there aren’t any parents telling you that, “You don’t need a new bra!” Or, “Why should I buy you more clothes? You already have plenty that you don’t wear.” For most girls, myself included, we don’t need to shop, we just want to.

But whether your parents give you an allowance or you get the money on your own, whether it be through birthday presents saved up for half a year, or a boring job, nobody likes giving someone else their hard earned money.

I personally think shopping is a great thing to do, the trick is to only buy things on sale. Also, only allow yourself one splurge item a month. I consider a splurge item anything that, on its own, is over $25. And that includes discounts and coupons. But when splurging, really consider if it is worth it. Do you really need ANOTHER pair of jeans? Would your parents buy it for you? Be smart.

One great store to shop at is Aeropostale, I have never in my whole life gone there and found nothing on sale. They cater to the adolescent with their fashionable clothes, and to the adultwith their “walking away with your wallet still almost as full” prices. Unlike stores like Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch — last time I went there, their bathing suits were on sale and were still $25 dollars, per piece! That is a $50 dollar bathing suit, and that is NOT worth it.

Also, for undergarments, Target is great. Friday I got an $11 bra there! Their underwear is normally $5 a piece, which isn’t bad. But, if Aeropostale is having a sale, their underwear is cheaper. Last time I got $3 underwear there, and they both have the cutest styles and fits.

So, summer shopping sprees. Are they friend? Or foe? I say friend with limits. I highly suggest being responsible with your money, think like an adult. Do I really need another graphic tee? Is a $30 bathing suit really worth it? Also, compare prices. And if there is only one of something left, have the store put it on hold and go run across the mall to check at another store.

Like anything in life shopping has and needs rules, follow them.

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