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Summer Sanity: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. | June 26th, 2013 | Teen Perspective, Teens

boy n footballAs I have grown older, I have found summer less and less exciting. I find that I miss school, because school is where everything happens as a teenager.  You may not like the work at school, but that’s where your friends are.  Feelings of disengagement and isolation are no good for your mental health. Though you may no longer look forward to the kids’ activities that used to be enough for you, it does help to have a plan that will keep you active and connected. So, I was contemplating what I had to do this summer and I came up with a list of suggested things to do over the break.

  1. Get a job.  A summer job presents you with unique life experiences, provides cash to do fun stuff with, helps you make new contacts, and adds on to your resume.  Why not, right?
  2. Get into a summer camp. Whether it is for sports, academics, art, or just a plain ol’ summer camp, they provide unique options.  There are life experiences that you can’t get anywhere else at summer camps, as well as opportunities to make friends and learn things.
  3. Get ahead on college applications.  I know this only applies to those going into their senior year of high school, but it is totally worth it.  You can be ahead, so that senior year is less stressful.
  4. Get in shape.  Complaining about how you never have time to work out?  Great!  It’s summer and you have nothing to do.  Now get at that workout.
  5. Get a new hobby.  If you have nothing better to do, teach yourself how to do something new (that you love).  You can try a whole range of things, from knitting to puzzle-solving, even Ultimate Frisbee.
  6. Have fun!  This is your summer, so if you don’t have fun, it’s probably a waste.  Everyone loves summer, so don’t risk having a boring one.  That wouldn’t be fun, would it?

This is my last post for the next five weeks, which I will spend having fun at a summer camp.  To those who read this, Happy Summer!

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