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School Projects

by Sam P. | June 6th, 2012 | Tweens

Finally, school is almost out.  For some of us, it will be our last year in the school district, for some of us, we will be heading to high school (cough cough me cough cough).  Whatever grade you are heading to, you are more excited for having summer first.  But, to get to summer, you have to finish the school year first.  And some teachers want to stretch the school year out as long as possible.  To do that, they assign school projects two weeks before school is out.  No matter what you want to do, you have to remember to do your project first.  I have a very busy weekday schedule, so if I ever have the opportunity to do projects on the weekend, I jump at the chance.

If I can make any suggestions, I would say to take one day, or one afternoon, and just do it all at once.  I feel as if it goes by much faster if I just do it all at once instead of stretching it out through five afternoons.  I know that nobody wants to do projects when it is bright and sunny out, but sometimes you have to be a form of a martyr and sacrifice one afternoon to get a passing grade to graduate the school year with.

I have also found that using prezi.com is much more efficient that using PowerPoint or a Word document.  PowerPoint and Word are greatly overused and get very dull.  What I like about Prezi is the organization is already planned out, all you have to do is choose what you want your presentation to look like and add in the information.  You can also make your own custom Prezi, or you can edit the pre-organized ones with custom colors, or your own.

Posters are also very fun and quick, if they work with the information your project is on.  The things that make posters even more fun are BRIGHT colors and flashy patterns.  Also, when you use posters, there are only two ways to organize them: very “strictly” organized with boxes, lines, and symmetry; or completely unorganized, very messy and all over the place.  If you are going for the unorganized look, you should color coordinate your information, so there is a bit of organization that allows people to have at least some sort of way to read it without getting confused.  If the unorganized look is done properly, it can be amazing.  If it isn’t, well then it just looks like all of your information threw up all over your poster.  I  suggest usually going with the organized look.

Just remember to not put the project off until the last minute because deadlines come up much faster when projects aren’t done.

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