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Safe Relationships

by Sam P. | January 17th, 2014 | Safety, Teen Perspective, Teens

couple on walkAs teens it may often feel like society pressures us into relationships. But as a teen I completely understand that we don’t always want a relationship. We see intimacy and couples all around us and oftentimes it is easy to give into the pressure and start dating. And as a teen there are several things to remember when you start dating.

  1. Never allow yourself to be pressured into anything. If you don’t feel comfortable going back to a girl’s house after you take her to the movies, then say so. Or just say no. My parents have always told me that if I’m in a situation like this where I don’t feel comfortable doing  something, but saying no would cause me to be outcast as a wimp, blame it on them. Our parents care a lot more about us than we may think they do. So if you don’t want to go back to your date’s house, just say something like, “My parents are real sticklers about curfew and finishing homework. I’m sorry, I have to be home or I’ll get grounded.”
  2. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable telling either your best friend or your parents. If you don’t think you’d be able to tell your mother or father what you did on your date last night, don’t do it. Chances are they’ll find out somehow and you’ll be in a heap load of trouble. Say your date wants you to become intimate with them, say no and leave. If you can’t drive and they’re your ride, simply say that your parents just texted that you have to be home now. Simply apologize and explain that they have to drive you home now. Just always remember that you can say no, and never be afraid to.
  3. If you get a creepy vibe about your date you can always leave. An example of this would be if your friend set you up on a blind date with someone you don’t know. The person picks you up or you meet them at the place you’re going to, and you just have a weird feeling about them — get out of there. Whether the person just creeps you out or you don’t feel safe around them, make up an excuse and leave. But try not to judge them off their appearance, give yourselves a couple minutes to get to know each other, and if you still feel that way tell them you’re sick and you’ve got to leave. Of course apologize for your abrupt departure, but high tail it out if there asap.
  4. Finally, always be protected. As a guy this means carrying around condoms on the off chance that your date becomes quite intimate. And girls should carry them around too whether they think they’ll get down to business or not. And girls, once you get busy word may get around to other guys. If you are willing to do the deed with people get on birth control. Simply because girls get pregnant, not guys. And condoms can always break and no one wants a teen pregnancy.

Hopefully you’ll follow the guidelines and stay safe. Happy dating!

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