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Room Setup: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. | March 21st, 2011 | Teen Perspective, Teens

This weekend, I got a new piece of furniture for my room. Specifically, I got a beanbag roughly the size of a bed made by lovesac. This got me thinking about how hard it is to set up a teenager’s room.

I don’t know about you, but I am very particular about my room. I don’t spend an excessive amount of time there, but it is my room and I want it a certain way because it is the one room I control. I clean it a lot, and I like it neat and organized. It is a large room, as it is the entire room over our two car garage. I don’t have much in it, either. Just a full bed, nightstand, desk and chair, bookshelf with a lizard tank, and a standing closet. Oh and my new beanbag. It’s a large, empty, and rather minimalist room. With all this said, letting a teen set up their room can be a task.

  • First of all, the shape of the room must be taken into account. Choose a color to paint it that works for every one. Next, make a list of all the furniture that will go into the room. Include the basics and then work from there. You can be creative and try to set up a budget. If you lack a desk, take a small table and use it as a desk. Then, begin to look at how you are going to set up the room. This will affect what items you want to put in there. Finally, go out and set up the room!

The trick isn’t about setting up the room. Just about anyone can do that. It’s all about compromise. Most of the time, it’s about making the teen think you are giving in while actually controlling the setup of the room. Also, the furniture should mainly be considered for practicality. No teenager needs a chandelier in their room. It’s a waste.

Setting up a room with your teenager is all about compromise and patience. It’s your house, but remember, this is the only room they can control, so let them control it.

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