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Prom Planning

by Sam P. | April 18th, 2014 | Social, Teen Perspective, Teens

dress-238851_640With spring and warm weather comes prom.  If you are going to prom it may be quite hectic trying to get everyone together to plan everything.  Well, I have a few simple tips that will solve everything.

  1. Anything that needs to be ordered or altered should be done so at least a month in advance.  You should never order a tux closer than two weeks away from the prom, since it usually takes about two weeks for any possible alterations and for shipping if the tux isn’t in store.  You also want to give some wiggle room in case something is forgotten.  Same goes for dress alterations, the more you have, the longer it will take.  Plus, when you go back to try it on again you need to have at least another week or two till prom in case any extra alterations need to be made.
  2. Plan in advance.  Find the group you will be taking pictures with and sitting with and figure out what you will be doing after prom at least a month in advance.  This way you have time to reserve a table, rent a car or limo if needed, and make changes in plans in case something comes up.
  3. Ladies, get comfortable in your shoes.  You don’t want your prom night to be the first night you ever wear your five inch heels.
  4. Buy tickets as soon as they go on sale.  There isn’t a worry of the tickets selling out, but usually tickets are the cheapest when they first go on sale.  With everything else prom requires, you want to spend as little as possible on a ticket.
  5. Once you make plans, don’t change them.  Everything becomes way too hectic when people start changing plans.  When you make plans try to have a giant group chat with everyone in it so no one gets left out of the loop.
  6. Lastly, just have fun.  Don’t worry about tiny mishaps or friends bailing on plans.  Prom is supposed to be fun and if you’re worrying about everything it won’t be.

All in all the easiest way to remember all that is to get everything done in advance and not to worry.

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