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Prince Lionheart Premium Wipes Warmer

by Joe Lawrence | February 19th, 2010 | Infants/Toddlers, Product reviews

I am on record saying how dumb I think it is to spend money on frivolous items that truly are not needed. I even used the wipes warmer as an example of this. I have to be honest, though. This warmer is pretty good.

For less than $30, the Prince Lionheart warmer is a high quality addition to any nursery. Its purpose is self-explanatory. Why do you want your wipes warmed? Some books and experts suggest that cold wipes for those midnight diaper changes wake your baby up more. From personal experience, this is not the case.

The next reason is for comfort and convenience. A nice warm wipe on the bum would be much more refreshing than a cold one. So for this reason, I am willing to sign off on the purchase.

One great thing about this warmer is that the heating pad also helps to keep the wipes moist. The Pampers container allows the wipes to dry out after some time. The warming pad is soaked before going into the warmer and the moisture transfers to the wipes.

A final bonus is the night-lite feature. The Lionheart logo gives off a soft blue light to illuminate the nursery. Diaper changes become much easier when you can see without turning on a light. No one wants to wake their baby up even more and create a longer process to get the little one back to sleep. This light is just enough to see and deliver the warm tooshie wipe.

Even though, this warmer is not something that you need and you easily could get by without it, it is a good buy. Those in the market for a quality warmer will love this particular one.

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