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Preschoolers’ Bad Days

by T Akery | April 18th, 2013 | Preschool

blue girlThere are times when everyone has a bad day. Even preschoolers can have one. You usually don’t know about it until you get the note sent home. However, some really, really bad days mean a call from the school. Handling this type of day is a normal part of growing up. So, here are some tips to help you through these more stressful times of childhood.

First, recognize that your preschooler can have a bad day. Sure, preschool is fun. It has games and activities. But it is also a little stressful. This is the first time that your preschooler is dealing with a school schedule, seeing stuff for the first time, and dealing with new people. It takes time to adjust to all of these things. There are just going to be some days when it becomes too much to handle. Sometimes, all that is needed is a nap.

Instead of instantly handing out the punishment, take a few minutes to talk with your preschooler. Find out their side of the story. This does two things. It will give them an indication that you are listening to them. It will also encourage them to come to you with problems in the future. It may even help you understand exactly why they had a bad day.

Certainly, the behavior that caused the note home should be addressed. But your punishment should run along the same lines as bad behavior at home is dealt with. It should not be taken to extremes just because this happened at school. Yes, it is embarrassing to have your preschooler acting out. But stick to the consistency that you have already established.

While one bad day every couple of months isn’t really a pattern, consistently bad behavior on a regular basis does need to be investigated. This type of pattern usually indicates there is some type of problem.

Sometimes, the cause is due to a learning disability. It is at this age where this type of problem starts coming to light. The difficulty is trying to determine exactly what the problem is since preschoolers can’t articulate everything that is wrong. So, you should certainly investigate these issues so your preschooler can get the help they need.

Bullying, even at this young age, can also be an issue. The real way to determine this is to encourage your preschooler to talk about the incidents. Then address the problem with the teacher and school. If possible, take the time to visit the classroom.

Bad days happen to everyone, even to preschoolers. You have to recognize that there are going to be some and address the actual behavior, not the bad day itself. It is going to happen to even the best preschoolers. So be patient on those days. However if it does turn into a pattern, you need to investigate the cause so your child can get the help they need to deal with the issue.

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