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Preschool Writing Skills

by T Akery | November 27th, 2012 | Preschool

By kindergarten, preschoolers are expected to know how to write their name. It isn’t expected to be perfect but all the letters should be recognizable and in the right order. One of the tasks for preschool teachers is getting them to practice their name. It can be easy if their name is short and only has a few letters or it can be a difficult task for longer and harder to spell names. But just as important as it is to practice at preschool, practicing at home is important too.

Now, don’t be discouraged if your preschooler has trouble at the beginning of the year. They are just beginning to learn how to manipulate the crayon in such a way to form letters. This skill does take a little bit of time to get right.

Another thing to consider is that preschool boys are typically a little slower at picking up this skill than preschool girls. It doesn’t mean that they can’t do it. Oftentimes, girls are more interested in making things and coloring things than boys are. So, boys typically get less practice at crayon manipulation at home because they want to play instead.

The best way to improve their handwriting skills is to get your preschooler to sit down for a few minutes a day and practice their name or a part of their name. Have them sign their name to their craft projects that they make at home. Limit practice time to just a couple of minutes at a time that best accommodates them for paying attention. Then write their name clearly so they can copy it.

Ask them to spell their name out loud if they aren’t willing to sit down for very long. You can easily turn this challenge into a game for them to play. It is especially important if they have a name that is difficult to spell because it will take awhile for them to memorize it. This is part of helping them learn how to write it.

Preschool offers many challenges. One of them is learning how to write. As with any skill, it does take practice to perfect. You can help them learn this skill with a little practice at home.

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