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Preschool Fits About Television Programming

by T Akery | August 19th, 2014 | Behavior, Preschool

television remoteWhile the television is a means of entertainment for Preschoolers, it can sometimes be an obsession. It is perfectly fine to let them enjoy their shows and pick out their favorite characters. However, when it becomes a battleground and the source of fits because your Preschooler can’t watch something, this is a sign that perhaps your Preschooler is becoming too attached to the television. This means weaning them and changing the routine so that the television isn’t their primary means of entertainment.

Getting them away from the television is beneficial. It can help develop imaginations, as they find different ways to entertain themselves. They may look at the books they have more often. This extra exposure to letters and pictures helps them develop their own stories even if they can’t quite read the words yet. Toys are no longer regulated to the closet gathering dust. They fulfill the very purpose they were bought for, to be played with and enjoyed. Getting them away from the television can also encourage them to run and exercise more.

The process won’t be easy in the beginning. If your Preschooler is reluctant to part with his afternoon show when there are other things that have to be done, you will probably have to take it somewhat slow. You can start by tapering down the amount of time they spend watching. Instead of watching two shows, cut it down to one. The decrease in time can make the transition a little easier, as they rediscover the techniques of how to keep themselves entertained.

You can also use television as a reward rather than establish it as part of their routine. Have them earn their time by doing simple chores, such as helping pick up toys or helping clean something that isn’t breakable. Pushing a vacuum cleaner around can be fun. Engage that interest while they are still willing. It may take longer to clean and it may not be perfect, but they are helping out.

Of course, there will be some days when it is not worth the fight. Don’t despair on those days. It does take time to establish a new routine and get used to watching them more since they are more prone to get into things if they aren’t distracted by the television all the time. The payout will eventually be worth it.

While some television is fine and educational programming does enhance learning, Preschoolers can become too attached to the television. It is at this point that you need to start breaking the addiction.

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