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Preparing Your Preschooler For Their First Day

by T Akery | August 12th, 2011 | Preschool

Preparation for Preschool actually starts weeks ahead of time. There are several key preparations needed to make the transition from home to school much smoother for the both of you. It can make a big difference in the way your preschooler embraces school.

The major reason to start several weeks ahead is to establish a routine for bedtimes and wake-up times. Even if you are on a regular schedule, the routine may require adjusting. Starting early allows you to work out the kinks of a new schedule. It also allows time for your preschooler to adjust to their new schedule. This will cut down the number of meltdowns and reluctant morning wake-ups.

Another preparation you want to make is to introduce your preschooler to their teachers and the classroom ahead of time. You can do this when signing up or make an appointment for later on if you are in a rush that day. Going into the unknown is very scary for toddlers. If you can introduce them to their new environment ahead of time, the first day won’t be quite as scary.

Get them involved in picking clothes, snacks, and lunch items for the first day. Pack their favorite lunch and favorite snack and let them wear their favorite clothes for comfort. If they want to dress up, then allow them to do so. Just make certain it fits within the dress code.

Talk to them about what they will do during preschool and get them excited about going. Let them know that they will get to do lots of fun things. Reassure them that you will be there if they need it.

If you can, find a friend of theirs that is attending the same preschool. It will seem a lot less scary if they have someone to share the first day with. They will also be less likely to be clingy on that first day.

The first day of Preschool is an emotional one for you and your preschooler. It is a new experience. It is natural for your Preschooler to be nervous surrounded by a new environment, new kids, and new adults. Preparing your preschooler ahead of time will help alleviate some of the first day jitters and will hopefully prevent a meltdown on that first day.

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