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Parents, Too Difficult to Deal With?

by Sam P. | February 21st, 2014 | Behavior, Teen Perspective, Teens

parents n laptopAs teens, our behavior isn’t always the best.  Whether you are having a teensy argument with a parent, or a full-blown war between the two of you, your parent is still your elder and respect is necessary.  Oftentimes, parents will deem some sort of punishment necessary, and if your parents are anything like mine it means no technology.  Always keep that punishment in mind before you deem it necessary to act out, and while dealing with parents.

There are many things to remember when dealing with parents; for starters you have to respect their authority and the fact that they pretty much have complete control over your life.  You also have to remember that your punishment will depend on your general behavior.  If you’re constantly getting into spats with your mom or dad, your punishments may be greater.  But if you’re typically a great child and don’t act out often, they probably won’t be so severe.

One basic rule of thumb is to always be polite and respectful.  Don’t act out and yell and shout when things don’t go your way, act like a respectful adult and chances are your parents may treat you more like one.  If you tend to be a bit more hotheaded, a good trick when you’re mad is to always think before you speak.  Calling your mum or dad some nasty words isn’t the best way to get what you want.  If necessary, take a moment to breathe.  Count down from 10 and then speak.  This’ll help you cool down a little and will also keep you from saying something stupid that’ll get you in loads of trouble.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your parents probably understand what you’re going through.  If you acted out because you’re under a lot of stress you can always talk to your parents.  They may not understand 100 percent what you are going through, but it may help them see why you acted the way you did.  Don’t use this as an excuse for your actions though, take full responsibility for your wrongdoings and they may even go easier on you.

When in doubt, ask your parent for a minute or two alone.  If you are mid-argument and you tried both of the aforementioned things and they are still going crazy on you, ask politely to step away for a minute.  Explain to them that you are frustrated and can’t think straight.  Step away for a moment, drink a glass of water, do something to help you calm down.  Then, think through everything.  Try to figure out what you want to say and sort out your thoughts.  Hopefully while you are doing this, it will allow time for your parent or legal guardian to do the same and you will both come back fresh-faced and more understanding.

Sure, parents can be difficult at times, but that doesn’t give you the right to walk around with a bad attitude and a worse behavior.  Be respectful, polite, and act like an adult.  This may allow your parent to see how mature you have become, and hopefully they will treat you like an adult in return.

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