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Parenting Through Illness

by Ronald A. Rowe | February 1st, 2012 | Elementary

Plenty has been written about the medicinal aspects of parenting your child through an illness. All of it boils down to: keep them hydrated and see a doctor if it doesn’t get better soon. Less has been written about the more mundane aspects of parenting your child through an illness.

The number one (non-medical) job of a parent when a child is ill can be distilled into one word: comfort. Comfort foot, comforting words, comfortable arrangements.

Comfort Food – We all have a favorite comfort food that we crave when we get sick. I like noodles with butter. My wife is partial to “Jewish penicillin,” aka chicken soup. My son craves french fries. Salt seems to be the common denominator for most of the common comfort foods out there (why is that?). Whatever it is, you’ll need to have plenty on hand for flu season.

Comforting Words – Nothing is as soothing to a sick child as his mother’s voice cooing words of solace. Dads need to get in on the act, too, although it doesn’t come quite so naturally to most of us. It may not do anything to actually speed up the healing, but it certainly makes the convalescence period more bearable for everyone involved.

Comfortable Arrangements – If your child is going to be laid up in bed for a few days, they’ll need a comfortable set up. Getting antsy and trying to get up and about too soon is the leading cause of relapse, according to statistics that I just made up but am sure are true.

Bear in mind these three Comforts next time your child is ill and you’ll be ready for the first steps on the road to recovery.

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