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Packing for an Overnight School Vacation

by Sam P. | May 7th, 2012 | Teen Perspective

If your school does any big vacations for certain grades that include sleeping over somewhere, you need to pack an overnight bag. For some unorganized people, it may seem like a daunting task. And that is why I am here to help you. I am an OCDish neat freak, especially when I pack, and except for in my bedroom. (Side comment: I am not actually officially OCD, but I might as well be … )

OK, when you pack you should always pack everything that you were told to on a list from your school. If you did not get one you should check the weather for where you are going before you pack.

If your school did not provide a list of supplies to bring, here is mine:

  • 2 or 3 good pairs of COMFORTABLE jeans
  • a pair of sweatpants for days that you are driving long distances (only if you are driving)
  • an outfit/shirt for each day
  • undergarments
  • if allowed/wanted: a pair of shorts to replace one pair of jeans
  • health care/beauty products
  • any sort of jewelry wanted
  • an extra sweatshirt
  • a windbreaker or waterproof jacket

Reminder: this list is for a four- or more day-long trip; you don’t need two to three pairs of jeans if you are only staying over somewhere one night. Also, remember to pack school-appropriate outfits because wherever you go, you will be representing your school.

Car ride supply list:

  • two to three good books
  • a kindle or nook (if you have one, want to bring it, or are allowed to bring it)
  • an iPod for music (same rules as above apply)
  • a deck of cards ( if wanted)
  • a sketch pad ( if you are into that)

Remember, if you are going with your school you will probably be going on a school bus so you will have friends to talk to.

“Knick-knacks” to pack

  • a camera
  • a phone ( if allowed/owned)
  • a charger for electronic devices
  • a carry-on bag to put the car ride stuff in

For suitcases you never want to have a huge one, so try to keep it on the smaller side. Never use one that has lighter colors in it. Try to keep it with darker colors like blacks, browns, dark blues, or dark purples. I also like to keep all of my clothes organized by day inside my suitcase. Also, when you get to your sleeping quarters, don’t put the clothes in the dresser. Doing that just makes it easier to forget things. Also always bring a large plastic bag for dirty clothes.

If you have any comments on what else to pack or any other questions on how to organize your clothes, just leave your question in a comment and I will comment back with an answer.

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