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Noisy Preschooler Toys

by T Akery | January 3rd, 2013 | Preschool

xylophoneThey are loud, obnoxious, and have the power to bring on migraine headaches. No, this is not your preschooler but the toys that your preschooler plays with on a repetitive basis. Some of this is because you buy toys that you think your preschooler will love. Some of this is because grandparents have discovered the secret method of getting a little revenge for all those migraines they had when their kids were little. So, here are some tips on how to deal with these continual noise-makers while still preserving a little of your sanity in the process.

Establish Time Limits

Time limits can be established on the worst noise offenders. Put a 10-minute or 20-minute time limit on playing with the toy. Depending on your preschooler’s attention span, you may be able to get away with a shorter time period. If they aren’t tired of the toy by the end of the time period, then have them take a break from playing with it by diverting their attention to something else.

Play a Game

Establish a game where your preschooler must switch up toys after so many minutes. It can be a race to see how many toys they can play with in so many minutes. You can also play hot toy instead of hot potato. Instead of letting them press the button consistently, make them come up with an activity to do before each button press.

Turn the Volume Down

If at all possible, turn the volume down on the toy. Unfortunately, some toys simply do not have this particular option. So, you may be stuck buying ear plugs. You can dampen the sound a bit on tile floors by using a play mat or a rug.  Try and establish some distance between you and the toy, if at all possible.

Think Before You Buy

Before you buy that toy, play with it first. Get a feel for the noise levels and how it will affect you. Make sure you can handle the repetitive phrases and the limited musical scores. If you simply can’t stand the noise, don’t buy it. It will save you a lot of headaches. However, you may be out of luck if grandparents are in a “torture their kids” phase.

Noisy preschool toys are hard to bear. Establishing a balance between playtime and your sanity is essential. Soon, their tastes will run to more expensive toys which assaults your pocketbook more than your ears.

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