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Nintendo 3DS Review

by T Akery | July 8th, 2011 | Product reviews

Nintendo 3DS has been out on the market since March. It certainly has garnered a lot of attention for its ability to produce a 3D effect. The questions are whether it is worth the $250.00 price tag and if it is still better to just to get the Nintendo DS without the 3D.

If you see a Nintendo 3DS, you will likely confuse it for a regular Nintendo DS. It has the same basic style with some very minor changes. The biggest difference you will find is the slider bar used to adjust the 3D vision effects of the screen. But look for a very familiar play and feel with the basic game play.

The 3D graphics have gotten a lot of attention. For those who can’t watch 3D without getting headaches, this is not the device for you. Since the response to 3D is an individual one, you may or may not need a period of time to adjust to this new type of screen. The verdict is still out on whether or not this will adversely affect a child’s vision. However, the 3D mode can easily be turned off.

But its real downfall is the battery life. If you are intending to take this on a long trip or keep the kids amused for more than three hours in the car, you are going to be disappointed. Its factory battery range is only about three hours in total. Even with all of the 3D features and other things cranked down, you might get a maximum of four hours total. There is an accessory that can be purchased for a longer battery life.

The other deterrent is that there really aren’t that many games available for it as of yet. The titles are limited and you can’t play the DS titles on the 3D version. There are only a very few really good games for this. Nintendo will likely launch more games in the future. But don’t hold your breath if you are looking for certain games to make the transition.

While the Nintendo 3DS is still fairly new and contains 3D technology, it really doesn’t have enough new things to push it over the regular Nintendo DS. The constant adjustments of the 3D screen are a hassle. The limited number of games means that your choices are limited for you and your kids.

If you find yourself trying to decide between the two, go with the cheaper option of the regular Nintendo DS. You will get much more out of it. Wait until the Nintendo 3D has been out for a little while longer and has a longer game list before you decide to sink your money into this.

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