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Name Your Tune

by Michele | October 12th, 2009 | Preschool

name your tuneAt the end of the summer I stumbled across Name Your Tune. It seemed like an interesting idea, a cd of children’s songs with your child’s (or children’s) names placed into the lyrics. With my children between the ages of eight and thirteen, it seemed more appropriate to have a cd made for my nephews who are two and four years old.

I spoke with Eric at Name Your Tune, and he informed that he would be able to make one cd for both boys. Sending along the boys’ names and that it was from their Aunt Michele and Uncle Tom (their favorite aunt and uncle, of course), I waited for the cd to arrive, which took only a week or so.

Conveniently, the boys came to spend an afternoon with us shortly after the cd arrived. Heading out for a while, we brought the cd to play in the car. Our eleven year old daughter was with us, and let the boys know that they would be hearing their names in the song. When “Hello, How Are You?” began to play and Gavin’s name was said, Gavin was quite excited. My two year old nephew had a huge smile, hearing his name in the song.

As this cd had both Tyler’s and Gavin’s names, every other song contained either boy’s name. So, Tyler waited patiently, and sure enough, during the second song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, his name was in the song. He, too, had a giant grin and was excited to be part of the audio entertainment.

With fourteen songs on the cd, there was plenty of music for us to enjoy while driving with the boys. This was a great gift, as it not only provided amusements for the boys, it made them feel quite special.

For more information about Name Your Tune, click here.

(In the spirit of full disclosure, I did receive this cd free of charge. However, having listened to the cd, I certainly would purchase a cd as a present.)

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