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My Expectations

by Jacob P. | June 25th, 2012 | Teen Perspective, Teens

So, at some point this week (I am writing this on Wednesday the 20th), I will be going to get my driver’s license. I have everything; I’m ready to go and I think I will do just fine. So, I have been thinking about the rules that I expect will be laid down. I have expectations for most of them and even know what some of them will be. So, I am going to list them all in this article. Hopefully, my next article will contain the list of actual rules.

  1. A curfew. I have never had one before, because the town I live in (specifically where my house is) is not very conducive to walking or biking.I am expecting a curfew, and if I was to hazard a guess to what time it will be,I would say thatit will be 11 PM.(Sounds good, although I would prefer 12 AM.)
  2. Punishments for brushes with the law. If I get pulled over for just about anything, I will get my license pulled by my parents, even if the police do not charge me with anything.Also, my parents may go as far to extend the state-mandated license suspension. (I mainly agree with this, although I don’t think the punishment should be extended past the date set by the judge if I was ever to violate a traffic law.)
  3. Crashes. I know that if I ever crash one of my dad’s cars and am at fault, I will not be allowed to drive at his house for quite a while. I would assume there will be a similar rule at my mom’s house. It would also depend on how and when the crash occurred. (I think this makes sense as a rule, it is fair and honest)
  4. Texting and driving. I am almost positive that if I text and drive, I will get my license pulled by my parents. There is a good chance I will get my cell phone taken too. (I wholeheartedly agree, because texting and driving is as stupid as it gets.)
  5. Gas. I don’t know what the rule for this will be at either house yet, but I would assume it will be a simple rule. If I use up half of the tank, I will have to replace that half tank of gas. Simply, I will replace what I use. (Makes sense to me!)

I would assume or know these will be the rules for when I have my license. In my next post, I will divulge what the rules actually are and what I think of them.

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