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Looking to a New School Year

by Jacob P. | August 30th, 2010 | Teen Perspective, Teens

Around 6:20 tomorrow morning, I will be walking up my street (literally up, it’s a hill), where, at the top, I shall catch the school bus to my first day of school.  With this, my high school years will begin, and yet another chapter of my life ends.  But, with these four years of high school up and coming, I am beginning some new things that look like tons of fun, and am preparing for the four years of life some people consider the best.

  • First of all, I have gotten involved in a new-to-me sport that is loads of  fun: football.  For my international readers, I am referring to American Football, not fĂştbol.  I know the sport looks very dangerous, but statistically  it is less dangerous than soccer (primarily due to the use of pads).  I am playing in the roles of wide receiver and safety, with some dabbling in outside linebacker, although I would like to try kicking.  I think that’s enough ’bout me though, as you are probably bored.
  • As a result of joining football, I have made new friends, and become better acquainted with a few old friends.  Some of my new friends are older than I, which is kind of new to me, because until high school, I only had kids my age in my classes and as friends.  I’m assuming this will be a high school thing…
  • Now, I am looking forward to high school because, for once, I will be able to pick and choose my classes, which is a terrific break from the middle school grind.  Back in middle school, I only ever picked two classes; Spanish and Algebra (most kids stayed in pre-algebra).  Also, the school didn’t group students into classes by level, so each class was a mix of all student types.  This meant that smarter students could only advance as fast as the class, even though we learned faster.  Now, I can take honors and A.P. courses.

This a bittersweet thing because high school is going to be fun, and I get more freedom. But I am slowly creeping closer to adulthood, which also looks fun, but I will have far more on my shoulders then than I have ever had.  Adulthood is looming ahead, as age always will, and it cannot be stopped.

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