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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

by Michele | October 21st, 2009 | Elementary, Infants/Toddlers

Autumn bdaysWith only ten days until Halloween, pressure may be mounting at your house. That is, if you haven’t made or purchased costumes for your trick-or-treaters yet. So, with not a lot of time, what are you going to do?

You could go to your local party supply/Halloween outlet store. What is more fun than digging through racks of well-picked over costumes, hoping to find one in your child’s size? Or perhaps you are lucky enough to find the right size. . .at the same time as the parent next to you!

Why not avoid the crazy shopping scene and create your own costume at home? All four of these costumes are easy to make: no sewing required and most items can found at home or purchased for minimal cost.

1. Cookie Monster– Have your child wear his or her one-piece blue pajamas. Fill a basket with chocolate chip cookies. (Courtesy of Eileen Roth)

2. Miss America– Have your daughter wear one of her dress-up or princess dresses. Make a sash that says, “Miss America” and drape it across the front of her dress. Add a tiara. A bouquet of silk roses can be added, if desired. (Courtesy of Kimberly Danger)

3. Scarecrow– Dress your child in jeans and a flannel shirt. Use hay or raffia to decorate the ends of the pant legs and shirtsleeves. This can be done simply using masking tape. Have the child wear a straw hat, and add freckles using a brown eyeliner pencil. (Courtesy of Cindy Shanholtz)

4. Caveman– Using a large piece of brown faux fur fabric or a brown bathroom rug (whichever is less expensive), cut a hole in the center. Place over child’s head, and secure with a belt or tie at the waist. Your child can wear dark-colored clothes underneath. (Courtesy of Elizabeth Scokin)

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