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Know About ADHD

by Rosanne Lorraine | September 2nd, 2008 | Elementary

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be found in many children and adults. People who have this disorder have a difficult time concentrating in school, at home, or at work. Because of this, kids with ADHD are much more impulsive compared to other kids their age. Later on, this behavior will contribute to problems in learning, relationships, and social behavior. Kids with ADHD are often seen as “difficult” because of these problems.

ADHD is more common than you think. It affects between 4% and 12% of school children. It is more rampant in boys than in girls. A kid with ADHD will exhibit at least six of the symptoms below:

Loses items needed for activities in the school and home
Doesn’t listen attentively
Doesn’t pay attention to small details.
Doesn’t follow instructions
Cannot keep his attention on activities when in the school or even at home
Encounters trouble with tasks that require planning
Is very easily distracted
Forgets about things

Meanwhile, a kid who has hyperactive ADHD will show additional symptoms such as:

Runs and climbs incongruously
Is constantly fidgeting
Cannot play quietly
Talks a lot
Interrupts others
Can’t stay in his seat
Blurts out answers
Always is active
Has trouble waiting for her turn

If you think your child has ADHD, you need to talk with your doctor immediately. An accurate diagnosis can only be made by getting information from several people who know your child’s behavior. Usually, you can expect the doctor to talk with your child’s teacher, babysitter, or anyone who is familiar with his usual behavior. Also, the doctor will conduct vision and hearing tests to get to the bottom of the problem.

It may be difficult for you to approach the doctor, especially if it is to discuss the possibility that your child has ADHD. However, getting a diagnosis will benefit your child.

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